Electronic Prescribing Integrated with Helper

OrderConnect e-Prescribing is a secure, HIPAA compliant, web-based electronic prescription software solution that can be integrated with your Helper Practice Management software or used as a standalone system.

OrderConnect Includes

Access for Non-Prescribers

OrderConnect has options so that even non-prescribers can enter the medications a patient is taking, which gives you their full clinical profile and medication history.

Access Medication Information

OrderConnect e-Prescribing is completely web-based, so it is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. Wherever you are, you can pull up your patients’ complete medication histories.

Connected to your Local Pharmacies

Netsmart’s ePrescription and medication management solution, OrderConnect has been certified by both SureScripts and Drummond Group. Surescripts’ EPCS certification allows e-prescribing solutions to send prescriptions for controlled substances to pharmacies with an EPCS certification. Surescripts™ has the single most trusted and capable health information network, built to increase patient safety, lower costs and ensure quality care. Drummond Group is an accredited lab and certification body for HHS under ONC that provides high-level testing services for software developers in the healthcare space.

Controlled Substance Prescribing

OrderConnect is also certified for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS). After a simple identity proofing process and training, prescribers can send controlled substance orders electronically to pharmacies. A Narcotics Addiction DEA number can be entered in order to enable the prescribing of Narcotics Addiction medications.

Easy e-Prescribing

Get started right away. OrderConnect is extremely intuitive and you can be up and running after a single training session.

Real-Time Interaction Checking

With built-in and regularly updated drug-to-drug and drug-to-food interaction checking, along with allergy and pregnancy alerts, OrderConnect gives you real-time prescription assistance.

Reduce Errors

Reduced possibility of medication errors, reduced pharmacy call backs, increased productivity, and no worries about data backup!