Client Reviews

Behavioral Health Associates, Inc.

"Excellent service. Couldn't be more pleased. Makes us never consider leaving Therapist Helper."

"We've been evaluating direct billing thru insurance companies and looking at other third party vendors and all have terrible support and/or are extremely costly. Therapist Helper has been very valuable."

Christianne H., Practice Manager

"Overall, Helper is a great PMS that was easy to use and did almost everything that we needed. We were able to collect a high percent of claims due to the features in the software. We were able to enter new clients quickly and efficiently."

Janis C., LMFT

"The support representative that helped me is very kind, patient, supportive and helpful. He made a difficult, stressful task a breath of fresh air."

"I've never encountered a company whose tech support is absolutely, far and away, every time, just damn excellent. Never fails. It’s amazing. You've got to win best practice awards in the whole remote support industry. Every one of your team is a stand-out".

Jess Q., Practice Manager

"Helper is easy to use, functions with ease and the customer support is the best! Anytime CMS releases changes/updates to codes and what not, Helper's transition is always seamless. This PMS offers everything we need for our practice. I do not use any other software on a daily basis. Customer support is phenomenal and always fixes any issues (usually user error ;) I may have with ease and with a super friendly attitude. Reports are always easy to track, customize and generate and having scheduling and claims submission in one place is very convenient!"

Whole Balanced and Therapy Services

"Helper Support team is always very patient and kind when it comes to my interactions with Helper. The are extremely knowledgeable and don't mind going over something multiple times until I understand the concept. Excellent support representatives and a pleasure to speak with!!"

"I am always very satisfied with the help I receive from your technical team. I truly don't know what I would do without the help I receive from your staff when I need help."

Alisa W., Psychologist

"I have used Therapist Helper for at least 15 years. It always met my needs. It is a robust practice management system. It always provided a smooth transition for any changes that were required in my field and practice, e.g., ICD or DSM code changes. The best part, however, was that Helper support was always excellent!"

Destiny Counseling Services

"All the support team do an outstanding job. We are very happy with their professionalism and swift response in providing answers to any and all problems we experience."

Angela G., Office Manager

"I have used Helper in our practice for 9 years and thoroughly enjoy and appreciate it. I have worked on numerous medical software systems over the last 30 plus years and Helper has been the most enjoyable, cost and task efficient, ease of use, and most importantly it is what its name is, a huge Helper... just like the name of the product.. I get peace of mind and ease of work utilizing this software to manage the practice.. so very grateful.."