COVID-19 FAQ - General

March 30, 2020

What can I do to minimize the chances of becoming infected with COVID-19 and infecting my clients?

The CDC has published this guidance for healthcare providers. for health care organizations as a guideline.  One section to highlight from this comprehensive article:

"Explore alternatives to face-to-face triage and visits. The following options can reduce unnecessary healthcare visits and prevent transmission of respiratory viruses in your facility:

Even though many of these reminders come from an acute care perspective, they offer good suggestions to start to prepare for how and where you want to deliver care to your clients.  

Will our offices have to be closed as a precaution for COVID-19?

On Sunday (3/15), the CDC recommended cancelling all gatherings of 50 or more people until May 10th which indicates the level of caution they feel is necessary.  If you continue to see clients in person, the CDC has provided some print materials that can help with communication about best practices.

What options are there for my biller to work remotely?

The simplest way to make this adjustment would be to move the billing computer with Helper installed to the biller's home and develop a secure way to communicate session information to your biller (secure email, remote fax, or by voice).  This will depend on several logistics including the home set up of the person responsible for billing.

The Helper team has been billing remotely for almost 2 years now and we have identified some methodologies that make this easier and HIPAA-compliant.  We use the same technology to take over control of a desktop for this that we do for computer support (BeyondTrust) and we resell Citrix to our agency-sized customers as well.  These are our partners and we have a corporate licenses that may or may not be a good model for your practice.  Another option we recommend you investigate that has pricing more appropriate for single users is LogMeIn.  They have documentation on how to remain HIPAA-compliant while using their solution.

And finally, Helper can provide billing services for you if needed.  Contact David at if you have questions.

Will insurance remiburse me for my telehealth sessions?

Each care provider's situation is different.  It will depend on the contract you have signed with your payer network.  Please note that federal and local government offices appear to be working toward financial assistance on several fronts, so additional funding may be made available in the near future.  We will continue to monitor this information for you.

Fix for those seeing rejections while using the 02 Place of Service.

A claims processing fix related to telehealth claims was implemented at 5:00 PDT on Friday (3/20).  Now that this change has been implemented, if you saw a rejection with the specification "Claim level facility information should only be sent when either the NPI or address differs from the Biller information”, all you will need to do is resubmit those claims.

Sending claims batches with different Places of Service

For those sending through claims with a combination of Places of Service (11 and 02 for example), we had been advising customers to send those through in different batches to avoid rejection in ClaimsConnect.  An alternative solution is that you can choose to send them through together if you turn off Place of Service validation in ClaimsConnect:

- In Claims Connect click on the Settings tab at the top - ANSI Edits tab - in the Service box uncheck Place Of Service - Click on OK

This will allow these claims to go through.  If you experience any new types of rejections after making this change, reach out to Support to help resolve.

How do I submit billing for telehealth delivery of care to my clients?

Updated - 3/30/20

When creating a session for telehealth, there a few things to change before saving the session. 

  1. The place of service needs to be 02.  If this choice is not available in your list of places of service, it can be added. 
  2. *You may need to add a two-character modifier to the session.  The modifier is placed in the first box to the left of service code.
  3. See the graphic below as a visual guide. 

*For Medicare, a modifier is only required in specific circumstances.  See question 18 in the following: